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OutDry® revolutionizes the concept of waterproof footwear.


An innovative lamination process is used to laminate a membrane directly onto the inner surface of the uppers and completely seals every potential point where water could get in. OutDry greatly improves performance and comfort compared to traditional membranes used in combination with a lining.

  • It leaves no space between the upper and the membrane and does not allow water to penetrate into the shoe. There is therefore no increase in weight and the footwear dries more quickly.

  • Designed specifically for foot protection, it uses a hydrophilic membrane that is extremely breathable and has a high sweat dispersion capability (SATRA TM 47 test). It leaves an ample dry air space between the membrane and foot, allowing ideal conditions to be maintained.

  • The OutDry membrane has an exceptional elasticity and resistance to repeated flexing.

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OutDry®: a waterproof and breathable barrier.

Sixton has been using the Outdry waterproofing system for many years in the production of its Water Resistant footwear. With the “bootie” system used in traditional footwear, water is able to find its way between the uppers and the lining and stagnates there, even if it doesn’t reach the foot. This results in discomfort and makes the shoe heavier. Condensation of the water also increases the sensation of cold and in low temperatures it can also freeze. Drying times are long and complete drying is difficult to achieve, making the footwear unusable for long periods. The Outdry technology overcomes these problems. The waterproof membrane is bonded to the uppers, preventing the passage of water, leaving the inner lining intact and the space around the foot dry.



Vibram® is a world-class leading producer of high performance rubber soles. For over 70 years, the unmistakeable yellow eight-sided brand, known across the globe, is the symbol of a company that is synonymous with quality, performance, safety, innovation and design. Sixton/Vibram® health & safety soles are devised to satisfy the specific requirements of protection at workplaces. Each new product is designed to meet an exact purpose excellently, with the best mixes and with a triple quality target to be reached: best performance, maximum level of comfort and quality that lasts over time. Sixton Peak® and Vibram® mean absolute “safety”. Stability, heat and slip resistance, insulating properties and flexibility of use, are features that contribute in making the work of anyone who wears footwear with Sixton® / Vibram® sole really safe.




Vibram Fire&Ice compound has been formulated for estreme applications while mantaining its performance values in a wide range of temperatures (from -20°C to +300°C). Such blend can be used in any outdoor activity where fire resistance and high grip performance have to be maintained together with the required antistatic values and HRO resistance, also in very cold weather conditions.



Designed to improve grip on smooth, cold, icy or snowcovered ground. It leaves you free to move around and work in safety in the mountains and in particularly cold places. It does not scratch or ruin floors. The softness of the insole adheres to smooth surfaces. The aggressive design considerably improves traction and cleaning. Grip, durability and comfort by VIBRAM ® and SIXTON®



TRI-density sole that combines the characteristics of top quality Polyurethane HUNTSMAN® with the supreme rubber VIBRAM®. Extraordinary grip for workplaces requiring higher performances of adherence so that they are suitable for various places and even rather difficult working situations.



Huntsman is a global manufacturer of differentiated chemicals. The polyurethanes division of Huntsman is a leading developer of engineering materials for technical injected sport, leisure, and professional footwear. Available in an assortment of hardnesses and densities, Huntsman Polyurethanes’ footwear systems are light yet tough; comfortable but hardwearing; flexible and durable; they perform equally well in hardwearing work footwear where chemical, oil, solvent and slip resistance is essential to comply with workplace safety standards.



Following the increased use of electronic instruments, there has also been a rise in the demand for ESD footwear. Sixton expands its ESD product range, adding new models to the more professional footwear in class 2, which have class 3 ESD specifications; it is excellent for less restrictive workplaces. The Sixton ESD footwear discharges the accumulated electrostatic charges constantly and effectively to the ground.


Premium Quality


Increased resistance, increased safety, comfort unchanged. K+ anti-perforation plus is the new generation of anti-perforation fabric inserts. They meet both the new market requests for increased safety and the requirements of the European Authorities for increased penetration resistance, also to carpentry nails, while maintaining stability, their ergonomic shape and comfort, with the maximum protection, 100 %, of the surface area of the sole of the foot. The new test nail, which is the size of nails used on building sites, is not included in the current standard tests and will be introduced in the next update. In the next update, the test will involve the use of a 2.8-3.0 mm diameter nail and with a truncated pyramidal point, compared to the actual 4.5 mm diameter nail with a truncated conical point. This is a stricter test, but with the new technologies that use fibers reinforced fabrics, the new insoles will pass the new test specifications and, at the same time, will increase the performance specified in 12568: 2010.


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Micro Fiber XTop and Micro FiberSuede are innovative technical microfibers with a high technological content, made specifically for the safety footwear industry. They are the result of research that has allowed us to attain high wear resistance and eco-compatibility with new high performance finishes. Fiber XTop, for S2 footwear, is water repellent, breathable and has a high dimensional stability. Micro FiberSuede is synonymous with pleasant to the touch. It is soft, breathable and extremely comfortable. Sixton Microfibers are extremely hard wearing.



The microfiber/tissue on the toe cap is protected by pro-tech sxt to increase the resistance of the upper over time.


This shoe is recommended for working environments with classification “light”: Automotive, logistics, transport, light industry.


The special innovative two-layer structure made of Absolute Aluminia, with thousands of micro-pores similar to the pores of the skin, is able to provide exceptional warmth and breathability that makes the technology unique.

It takes advantage of two basic principles of thermodynamics to ensure the comfort and well-being at the foot. Absolute Aluminia combines exclusive fibers with aluminium to reflect infrared rays towards the source of heat. In addition to its isolating function, achieved by retaining a large quantity of air within the structure itself, it also evenly distributes the heat of the foot via the aluminium in the fibers, and it retains the heat without dissipating it through its reflection.



SIXTON PEAK® footwear uses high quality grain leather, nubuck leather and suede - all far more breathable, natural and water-repellent than common standards. We tan our leathers in Italy in a careful process that respects the environment and the end user. SIXTON PEAK® is therefore also ecological and hypoallergenic.


28% Warmer when dry! 8% Warmer when wet!

Primaloft Footwear keeps your feet dry at all times, warm and comfortable, even in wet condition. Since staying dry is not always an option, it’s good to know that Primaloft keeps feet warmer than any other natural or synthetic insulation when wet. Our footwear technology combines a unique blend of ultra fine multi-diameter fibers in a proprietary process. The specially treated and water resistant ultra fine fibers form a dynamic insulation structure, and the multi-diameter fibers build resiliency. The fibers structure is then bonded together to form a torsionally strong, breathable and water resistant insulating core. This structure has more compression resistance and maintains more loft for better fit. Greater durability and warm.



Efficient protection from the cold in a slim design, ensuring greater comfort and freedom of movement. High thermal insulation even in wet or damp weather conditions. Very breathable and highly resistant to washing. Easy to maintain.



New lining “3D Air AX” Sixton chooses the best materials. Hi-tech fibers guarantee the best possible performance even right inside the footwear, which is less visible but so important for the wellbeing of the foot. The new 3D Air Ax lining is the result of the combination of two technical yarns, Amicor and Coolmax.


Coolmax offers excellent control of the foot’s temperature and hydration. The hydrophile part removes moisture from the foot, keeping it dry, offering a feeling of well-being, comfort and a long-lasting sensation of freshness.



The threads with the antibacterial fibre “Amicor” make the product more sterilised, protecting it against the formation of bad odours.



Advanced Technology



With the patented BOA® closure system, durability and comfort are ensured all day long. Designed to ensure quick closure and opening even in the case of emergencies. Unlike the former string fastening system, with just one simple click or turn, you can free the foot or adjust the fit quickly and effectively. A lined multi stainless steel lace allows you to adjust the fitting to millimetric precision, thus obtaining a safe and resistant closure.

Safe and flexible closure.






Working environment
Toe cap and edges

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